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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Having gone for a walk

Carol sent me out of the house tonight to walk. I have been out of sorts lately, excessively nervous, anxious, worrying the whole gamut from paying bills to the smell of my house to the look of my lawn. Mostly, though, it's the bills.

And so i have been shaken to the core, my body is reacting with migraine headaches every other day, stomach pains another, and i go through my days with a general malaise.

Tonight, i set the sprinkler up in the front yard and walked down the street towards the park. What i noticed: Dapne's sod she put down about three weeks ago is starting to take to her lawn. Three people on my block were watering their lawn, not including me. Cockroaches are starting to congregate on the sewer grates as the sun goes down. By the evening there are maybe twenty or so just hangin' on each of the sewer grates along the street. There is currently no grafitti on the Costa Rica bridge, but there is new grafitti on one of our park benches.

Bats. There were three bats fluttering spastically above me while in the park. I didn't know we had bats in the area.

On my way home, i took a bag of recent yard clippings from my neighbors curb for my compost. The green will help to break down all the brown (old leaves) i've got in there.

The walk didn't help my constitution much, but hopefully i'll get some good compost out of it later.


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