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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Game 3 Versus the Austin Fire Monkeys

Game 3 was a tragedy. An absolute tragedy. The game was like the Battle Of Issus, only we (the outnumbered, but heroic Greeks) were ultimately unable to drive the Persians from the field. Though we were down 2 men (and thus had no subs), and faced a full squad with substitutes, we managed to totally dominate the game--yet, on each of our 5 chances on goal, instead of the ball sailing gloriously into the net, some anti-miracle would happen and the ball would hit a post, or a sudden gust of wind would carry it over the net, or lightning would strike the ball. Clearly the Gods were involved.

So we lost 1-0. In three games we have yet to score a goal.


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