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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

things and stuff

first off, happy birthday mr. Trudeau. i hope you enjoy it. and let us all know about the 34th Street Cafe experience.

so, it has been a busy day. i completely overhauled this site because i had an edit to make and it was easier to redo the whole mess and make the edit than to just make the edit. (it was also kinda clunky and code-bloated).

and, thanks to the javascript genius of pablo and adolph, i soft launched this monster. well, i launched that tuesday, but not everyone has seen it. still not happy with the colors.

after listening to hours and hours of the john roberts hearings i realized that besides being pedantic, generally unfunny and long-winded, senators are very avuncular. they have that borderline paternalistic tone, everything they are telling is 'very imporant' and probably 'good for you'. they know they are not your dad/mom but if that person has not told you what they are they should have. moral tales, life lessons, it's all there. i either need to get a book on uncling or to watch more cspan.


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