Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Barbara, Intern

Barbara just called me, out of breath. She got a summer internship at PaperCity in Houston. She also got her first (test) assignment from the Daily Texan. I tried to calm her down. I think she's drinking a lot of coffee these days.

Congratulations Sister!


Pablo said...

Fantastic News!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. What will she be doing for PaperCity? I'm sure she'll get to go to fab parties. The socialite photos are always good for a laugh.


killy said...

from what i've heard, fab socialite parties and sneak-peek fashion shows are a big part of it... so it getting coffee, and other miscellaneous office grunt work.

Barb said...

Today I do my report!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and if you can pick up a Daily Texan tomorrow, my name should be in it. yes!