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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, February 17, 2006

i have great friends

i would just like to let everybody know that i have the best friends ever. and it is important to remind them every once in a while.

so, yesterday morning i woke up bright and early, poured a cup of coffee, turned on my computer and wandered off to do something while it started up.

when i wandered back my monitor was dark. odd i thought and pushed the power button again. odder i thought as the power button failed to light up. crap i thought as my sleepy mind figured out what that meant.

after some headless chicken style running about i tracked down and visited Computize (an authorized apple fixer here in town) to no avail. similar results were had at the Apple store. and as i sat on the very horns of a dilema repair or replace? i decided to call killy.

“Why don’t you just use my laptop until you get yours fixed?” says killy. and a short car trip, train ride, lunch at chipotle with killy, another train ride, and trip to microcenter for the last 9 – 6 pin firewire cable later i was off to the races.

thanks killy.


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