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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Emergency Room Visit: $150 / Broken Clavicle: Priceless

Last night, Adolfo IV broke his clavicle. Once we had taken the test (at about five weeks) i started to look for another job - we need to get ahead on bills before another baby shows up; i've got to get the cavalier back on the road; i've got to repair the fence in the back yard, buy a new a/c unit, replace these drafty old windows, and the carpet. At the same time, things were becoming maddening at Adolfo's school. Everyday we were getting reprots of him not listening, or hitting, or shoving, or being difficult. Our calls to have adolfo moved out of his classroom, that was filled with 2-year olds, went unheeded. Finally, the morning of Carol's ultrasound, i had a discussion with the Director of the school which resulted in our removing him. That is a very condensed version of what happened. It is not easy to put into words how angering, frustrating, and maddening that call was. Later that same day carol and i met at Park Plaza hospital for our ultrasound. When we finally see each other we fall into each other's arms out of sheer frustration. Swirling in our heads were so many questions that neither of us had the answers to - we had to find a new school, quick. how much would it cost? how would we get him there? who was going to take the days off to search? more importatnly, why was adolfo freaking out? why was he not listening? Of course in the midst of all this Carol was having severe 'morning sickness'. She had been puking up everything she put into her body. She had no energy, headaches constantly. Throw in to the mix that she was having to take days to take her father to his numerous doctor appointments in the midst of tax season, which made her employer very unhappy. The stress was mounting on Carol. Her OBGYN sensed immediately that something was wrong and asked us if we were allright. We vented to him together. It was liberating and very comforting to know that we had that sort of availability in our doctor. He went so far as to recommend a school next to his private practice. ... to be continued....


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