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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Howdy blog people.

It has been a while since I participated in the community.
I have been reading but not posting.

It is good to see what is going on in all of your worlds. I forget, since I am aware of what is going on in mine, that the information doesn't just zap to ya'lls brains without the need of cumbersome communication.

Still out here in Oregon, still sitting in a cube in the "WORLD HEADQUARTERS" of nike, still hating the rain, still loving the summers up here.

Laura and I are currently seperated.
No one can prepare you for the demands of life. sometimes you just get thrashed. Sometimes it's our own fault. sometimes you don't know if things can heal. sometimes you can just hope and work to make yourself more into the person you are supposed to be.

I want to write about wonderful trips or interesting gadgets or something light and easy to swallow. I seem to get pretty heavy. oh well. sometimes that's how it is.
most of my time and energy right now is put twards delving the depths of my emotional swimming pool. seeing therapists and the sort. writing and reading alot about how and where emotions and there repercussions come from and how to learn to recognize what is going on. I have always been quite good at not dealing with difficult issues so it is refresing to start to handle my shit.

it feels like growing up. starting to actually see my place in the larger world, how and who i am. and that what i do has an effect on my surroundings.

blah blah blah.

Spend my days working on clothes. mostly graphics for clothes for the various soccer teams that nike has contracts with.
you can look on the niketown website under the soccer section and the in the club gear and national team gear sections.
all the t-shirts are mine and some of the other stuff.
chella and i went to see the mexican national women's team play the university of portland. while we were at the game i saw three different people wearing things i had designed. that's always cool.
i just started doing baseball.....which to me is a bit of a bore.

the girls are growing up. for all of you who know her, Hannah is a teenager. and never have i met a more creative person. truly an individual. as i have said to some others before, there is no distance between her idea of something and her doing it.
in any medium, she has a wonderful outlook as all things around her have the possibility of being bent and twisted and woven and carved and glued into so many wonderful expressions. she is playing the guitar writing her own songs and going to school.

chella is still a dream lightly attached to the world by the tips of her toes. sometimes when the sun glitters off her golden hair it does seem that she floats as her constant chatter of imaginary games flows in and around the sounds of birds flying and the wind blowing. she writes and illustrates pile after pile of books with name like, "All Birds Wide and South" "A Girl of the Country" and "What She Did There." she is taking a gymnastics class and is kind of uncorrdinated.
I have never know love this pure. it is easy to believe in the devine in the presence of your children. that is of course right before you yell at them and tell the to go to their room.

Laura is applying to graduate school and creating an impressive body of prints. she has been enrolled in 2 printmaking classes at the local art school. she always has been an enormous fountain of creative energy. to give perspective, most people in her class finish 2 to 4 well workes plates by the end of the class. both times she has finished about 13. while homeschooling chella. she can cook like a badass and usually make most of the food we eat from scratch. she has an impressive garden in the background and a basement full of homemade jellies and preserves. i am always still impressed by her.

i have been painting some watercolours. it is nice to have part of the creative process conciously out of your controll. the way that the pigment lays down so slow and quiet, gently blending into wonderous patterns. i did a bunch of smaller kind of squiggle paintings last night. has the look of fake chinese calligraphy. just the motions that my hand makes from handwriting, just mixed up. painting some rocks and sticks.

played soccer today at lunch.

type type type send.


  • Wow Colin. I don't know what really to say other thatn it seems like you've been handed a copiously brimmed plate. I'm glad you have so much going on and It's always good to hear from you.

    By Blogger JP, at 8:51 AM  

  • it is refreshing to hear your voice and relieving to see that not everyone's life is picture perfect - i think sometimes it seems that other people's lives are normal because we look at them from the outside - we never really know what's going on inside - thanks for honoring yourself so bravely

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 9:14 AM  

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