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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

super excited

Yes, I'm super excited about this "transition." I could hardly sleep last night just imagining putting dishes in a dish washer, laundry in a washing machine (in my home, not down the road), food cooking in my less small kitchen, ooooohhhhhh, and having all Taggart's photo stuff in a totally separate room so I don't have to see it and am not tempted to pick it up at all times.
I can't wait to invite everyone over to cook and entertain in our more than TWICE as big apartment!! All you have to do is get past the bums and the train, then you're good to go. Oh yeah, and some people (yuppies) call it the wearhouse district, but other people (real Houstonians) call it 2nd WARD! How exciting to live in a hood. Oh my goodness.
And I bought a new Martha Steward cookbook, so you can all enjoy some polenta arugula couscous stock broth shallot spoon mashed goodness.
Oh, and that new job/fellowship thing-I'll get to that later.
A little intimidated, I am.
check out the loft at www.alexanlofts.com-and be sure to turn the sound off! It's the Houston floor plan.


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