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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Three Things

Adolfo has a little cavity. I feel terribly about it, I really tried to be good about getting him to brush his teeth. I just read though that being cavity prone can be hereditary. Apparently it's my fault. I, the mother, have genetically given my child a high level of cavity causing bacteria. We caught it early enough so that it doesn't hurt him yet. He will get it filled next week on the afternoon after his first day of school. That's right, first day of school. We spent this weekend shopping for his school supplies at Wal-Mart (only because several items were specifically available there). So next Wednesday will be a very exciting day for my little boy. The worst part is that I will be trudging the day away at work while all this excitement is happening to him. The good thing is that his Daddy will be right there with him. I'm kind of glad I won't be at the dentist office though. I know my heart will break to see him lolling in a drug enduced stupor while they fix the problem tooth.

I think we have settled on a name for the little she-pinga. But now Killy is threatening to talk to the "family" about it. My response is, what family other than you, Adolfo and me? Adolfo IV says his sister's name is Carolina and her nickname is Lalalina. But a minute later he says her name is Nothing or Johnyouaryfebyouarymarchaprilapril.

I was looking for the proper definition of imbibed and found THIS interesting article.

1. Hash Beernies
1. The result of the process of adding yeast to fermenting hash brownies, resultimg in a tangy liquor.
2. An alcohol created by fermenting a canubus plant, also called a Hashpop.
Note: Known for causing the death of numerous youths who try to create this substance in unsterylized containers, causing the creation of Methanol, which can blind or kill those who intake too much of it.

In Vancouver, Canada, Hash Beernies were found bottled in a factory. The bottles found were toxic and resulted in the deaths of 14 college students and the death of the president of the local Health inspection office who imbibed the solution.


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