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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pig Roast 2006

Yesterday I went down to Mark Warner’s farm near Fredericksburg to attend his “almost annual” Pig Roast. Joining me there were about 5000 other people.

The farm is really beautiful. I did not get a chance to explore the whole place, but I did get some shots of the goats and horses and such. There were also several huge cows that looked really delicious but my normally irresisttable mooing did not attract them. I think that they must have been foreign cows.

Anyhow the dude also grows grapes on the farm and wine is produced from the grapes so I suppose the farm could also be described as a vineyard.

The most spectacular thing about the place is the river that the land overlooks. I pulled up a chair and sat and listened to the wind bothering the leaves and watched the lazy river roll by and my mind and spirit were soothed and I finally got over that traumatic experience I had back in january when I was stranded on an island with bunch of kids from england and we ate nothing but roast pig for months and months and I liked it at first but then I got sick of roast pig and swore I would never eat it again…

I ate lots of food and this encouraged me to actually socialize a bit, which I am glad for because I had been kicked out of the petting zoo for bothering the goats and there was not much else for me to do.

I had some great conversations. Most of them ended with something like “I am going to get in line for more food” or “I think that there are only 240 hot dogs left. I am going to get another one before they run out”.

Anyhow, it was a good time. I really enjoyed being out in the country. Rural Virginia is so very beautiful.


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