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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The night before the birth of Paola

Dad! Come see what I did!
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Carol is too excited to sleep, not to mention too uncomfortable. She is double checking our bags, doing last minute tidying up. I hooked up the baby monitors and changed the lightbulbs (20 watt bulbs). I borrowed a lens from the office (a nikon compatible Tonika) and ran a quick test. Results, it's slightly sharper and results in better contrast than both my exisiting lenses (Nikon 24mm and 50mm). Mental note: lenses.

I'll use that one for Paola's birth.

Adolfo came home wth a smiley face on his conduct sheet. We walked home together today, just he and i. We watched for cars as we walked down Georgi Ln, and crushed leaves beneath our feet on the sidewalks. He picked up lost acorns and said hi to the neighbors. I wish i could do that more often...


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