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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Some fun music

Okay, if you want an injection of summertime into your winter check out Lily Allen.

Some Brit kid the music is fun.
You can hear her songs on her web site www.lilyallenmusic.com
I don't think it has been released domestically as of yet.

The Be Good Tanyas new on - Hello Love
is by far their best yet. As with all really great and lasting albums, it took a couple of listens before I was in the new and different place. So easily worth the money.

Jollie Holland also has a new one, came out about 5 or 6 months ago - "Spring time can kill you" this is one where if you let yourself get used to it, it unfolds like an interesting friend. Some of the song on it are quite wonderful. And the whole thing flows real nice.

I like what is going on it the Hip-Hop world musically, but most of the time I an not interested in what the artists are saying, so I figured if I didn't understand what they were saying.....perfect. So there is a French guy I play soccer with and he hooked me up with some frency rap.

The group is called IAM and the album I have is called "L'Ecole Du Micro D'Argent"
It's not new - just new to me. real cool.

Some arty music - Jonathan Bepler - Music For Matthew Barney's Cremaster 2
If you know anything about Matthew Barney (married to Bjork) then you know what realm to expect.

Sun Kill Moon - I only have "Ghosts of the Great Highway" from 2003 - it is a beautiful album - If you like Iron and Wine you will probably be into this. (if you have not checked out Iron and Wine then do so.)

Kaki Kings - Legs to make us longer - all instumental mostly gitaur stuff - nice background when working.

And now that Hannah is old enough (14) to start having her own musical interests - I am catching up on some stuff I did not listen to before - she got me into Modest Mouse. All good. The Moon And Antarctica is a real nice one.

Last but not least-
FJF with the album "Blow Horn"
Now this one starts out blaring and doesn't stop.
A swedish experimental jazz group.
They are crazy over there.

I want to know what ya'll have been hearing that is note worthy.



  • lily allen sure does have a sweet voice...

    i caught wind of her from http://discobelle.net where i been hanging out lately...

    By Blogger pablo, at 2:37 PM  

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