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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


So I got invited to play on an indoor team. My first game was last night. It was so much fun!

It was also painful. Indoor Soccer requires so much sprinting! I thought that my poor little lungs were going to collapse!

Also, we are playing in the top (premier) level- which means no slacking and some pretty hard tackles. I think I may need to get new knees.

The field is great. It is that fancy new fake-grass stuff. It is so much like grass that you could play on it with regular cleats! I wore the sweet turf-shoes that Colin hooked me up with a couple of years ago. Thanks Colin!

We lost our game 9-6. For most of the game I thought we were holding our own, but then, the other team decided to beat us down and they did.

Can’t wait for next week. Going to bring an extra-lung, an oxygen tank, and a bottle of advil.


  • Great to hear that Paul, Glad you are getting use out of the shoes.
    I think turf shoes are better then cleats on turf. Cleats get a bit too much traction and cause to much concussion on the joints.

    Yeah, I thought I was in good shape till I played indoor. I love subing like I am playing Hockey.

    By Blogger colin, at 12:39 PM  

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