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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Flexing Some Muscles

Flexing Some Muscles
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At the end of what felt like a whirlwind weekend Adolfo IV is splashing in the tub, Paola is cooing in her crib, Carol and her mother are at the grocery store and I am going to try and recount this weekend's events before one cries, or one splashes too much water outside the tub, or one gets back home.

I drove to Adolph's house saturday morning for my first game of soccer in i don't even know how many weeks. I showed up around 8 A.M. and we sifted through the box of Nike Soccer Swag that Colin had sent me for a good shirt. We both ended up in bright Brazilian yellow.

Not five minutes into the game Adolph hears and feels a 'pop' in his calf and goes down. Unable to join me in my totally kick-ass-game-despite-weeks-of-not-playing-ness he hobbled off the field, pulled out my laptop and ran through a flash Math Class totorial.

After Soccer, the family and i went to a baby shower where i caught the image above as well as a couple of other balloon shots.

This weekend i flexed all sorts of muscles

playing soccer,

(no photo)

A Big Pink Balloon

taking photos,

Fence Repair

building fences,

spreading compost

Spreading Compost in Place There Was Never Compost Before

and adjusting perspective in photoshop.

Flexing Some Muscles


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