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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Adventures in Spicing

Carol caled me on her way home from work, "You're making those pork steaks, right? I'm starving..."

So as soon as i got the boy settled and got myself out of my work clothes, i pulled out the spices and tried to remember what it was that i had read online earlier in the day. Onion flakes? Was that it? Garlic, um..., was it 'salt' or 'powder'? I couldn't quite remember all of it, but i remeber it being pretty tame ... nothing too dramatic..

so i improvised...

The majority spice were the dried onion flakes, next up was the garlic powder (not salt), equal in quantity to the garlic was a helping of mediterranean sea salt, then i put in a teaspoon of hungarian paprika (maybe a little more than a teaspoon) and a smidgen of mustard powder. That was it and it came out marvelous. The cuts were thick and the spice was enough to stay with you the entire time you chewed down a thick, moist slice without overpowering you.


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