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Sunday, July 01, 2007

My First Propane-Grilled Steak

My First Propane-Grilled Steak
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Today I grilled my first steak on my propane grill. As with the other meats i have attemped (hot dogs, chicken breast, and burgers) i had a little trouble with managing the heat. The main problem is (i think) is that i don't really have to manage it at all.

The upside to these particular steaks was the rub that i used. I had put together a rub i had gotten from a couple of online recipes. I put together the things i liked (and HAD) and took the things i didn't like (or didn't have). At first, i thought that maybe i had overspiced it; i coated it with the rub as if i was prepping a fish filet for the fryer and then once it came off the grill i topped it with a pat of butter that was mixed with the same rub and let it seep for about 15 minutes while carol prepared the peas and potatoes, but it came out delicious!

I'll prolly modify the rub a tad - may add some rosemary - for the 4th of July.

In other food related news, prompted by the pie party hosted by The Bat, Carol and I, after years of living in this area, finally visited the Flying Saucer Pie Company on 43rd (Crosstimbers). For such a dramatic name, the place itself is very non-descript. The place is all bakery and leaves (relatively) little room for a front counter. Directly behind the counter are racks and racks of pies, out in the open, uncovered. The place wasn't crowded but there was always someone in there it seemed. Before we went in, there were two ladies coming out. When we went in there was someone at the counter. While we were ordering our Cherry and Dutch Apple pies, a cop came in. As we were leaving, another couple showed up. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, another car was pulling in... and so on i would imagine.

The menu was a couple of wipey boards with a modest listing of pies. I expected the prices to be a little higher. The average price for a pie was $7.75.

Anyway, today I prepared a cup of coffee and took my first bite of their Dutch Apple Pie. Carol was sitting next to me (with a piece of cherry pie in front of her) waiting for my opinion, but i didn't say a word, i was too busy gobbling down the warm slice of heaven in front of me.


  • Damn straight. That was some good cherry pie. I'm still thinking about it today.

    By Blogger The Bat, at 9:59 PM  

  • You should try their key lime pie. It's fantastic.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:50 AM  

  • I've never been a big fan of key lime pie, but judging from the dutch apple - it must be fantastic.

    By Blogger Killy, at 1:47 PM  

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