Monday, August 27, 2007

total eclipse of the lunar

I am going to try to watch it at the Masonic Temple here in town because it seems like a good place for a portal to another plane to open, or some demon to be released, or the location of a holy-relic to be revealed, etc…


adolph said...

You may want to consider going someplace with a westward overlook. The eclipse will occur at moon-set, 5:52 am eastern, just 40 minutes before sunrise. The rising sun might make it pretty interesting, with a light sky and dark moon.

adolph said...

Also, here is the direction (azimuth) of the moon at moonset:
Houston: 251°
Washington, DC: 283°
In Washington, that's just 13 degrees above due West, which may just about match King Street's bearing to the temple. Looks like early morning fun!