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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Step 1, Remember to Register to Vote

The recent dem party fluff about "experience" started me thinking about Bill Richardson for President. Unfortunately, there are no events within a hundred miles of 77007. Are electoral politics such that Democrats totally write off Texas? Obama has nothing going on in Texas, Clinton does but isn't very interesting to me, but more interesting than Edwards, who I totally forgot about until I checked in with Wikipedia.

Wikipedia also brought out an interesting factor: age. Among the democrats and republicans most were born during the 1940's. Since most presidents are younger than their predecessors (GWB a scant month older than WJC), are the "youth" of the pack, Obama, Edwards and Huckabee at an advantage?

Also, if Biden wins, will he open up a Scranton branch of the White House?


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