Friday, January 11, 2008

interesting browser type thing

Using their click on the stumble button and it randomly pulls up pages, I think that the other users have added to the list of sites.

I mention it because a lot of the sites have been really cool.

The design ones have been quite compelling, for example: When I can afford it, we are getting one and moving in. this one is just a really great design site with great interaction.

They have a toolbar that can be added to your browser so you can use the stumble option any time.


todd said...

About Zero House: it's interesting that you found that one. The Zero House was imagined by these folks: Specht Harpman and i believe Taggart has done some work for them in the past.

CarolinaDivina said...

nice house colin
we'll build one in our back yard and then you can come visit and hangout

colin said...

You bet Carol...That would be a swell guest house....or you could send killy out there when he is being grouchy.