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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Got an MRI today

The machine is on the 3rd floor of a medical office building. As I changed into my shorts I noticed a ladybug crawling on my leg. I took this to be a good omen. What do y’all think?

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  • Here are a few beliefs about ladybugs...
    -If a ladybug lands on you, watch in which direction it flies away because it is from that direction your true love will come.
    -English country folk believe that the number of spots on a ladybug are important, because if you count the spots on a ladybug which has landed on you, each spot stands for a happy month to come.
    -Another belief is that when a ladybug lands on you when you are sick, it will take the sickness away with it when it flies away.

    By Blogger Bianca, at 4:24 PM  

  • The ladybug in question eventually fell off my leg and onto the floor. Does that mean my true love will come from the 2nd, or 1st floor of the building I am on? Or perhaps China?

    By Blogger pablo, at 5:57 PM  

  • Ha! Hopefully it does refer to 1st or 2nd floor....I'm not sure I trust anything from China nowadays...

    By Blogger Bianca, at 3:14 PM  

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