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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update From Houston

The power returned on our side of the street at about 4 o'clock (sunday). Sadly, this means we won't be evacucationing to Austin (sorry todd and pablo!). It's been a pretty surreal time here in Houston. Seeing the city nearly entirely blacked out while taking a drive last night to visit with Adolp was just crazy. Trees are down all over the city; not just branches and leaves - TREES. We spent our entire saturday cleaning up Donna Lynn street. I started to pull limbs off the street and sweep leaves out of the gutters to keep the water flowing. Next thing i knew half the street was out there cleaning. By the end of the day, we had our entire street cleared of limbs and water. Adolfo IV was responsible for pushing water into the gutters with a push broom. I'll upload pics when we have more time.

The important things is we area all okay and damage to the house was minimal. I lost a little bit of my fence and i just discovered a leak in the roof this morning. We're not sure if our power is permanent so we are charging everything we can and putting foods into the freezer for storage.

Just got a call from Killy. He called me from a neighbor’s house because he does not have a land-line at his place. His neighborhood and most of Houston has been without power for the last 24 hours. Who knows when power will be restored. Also, there is little to no water-pressure. I think that they are going to set up a curfew later on in the evening. No reports of zombies or anything…yet.

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