Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Kane!

Birthday of The Kane yester-day it was. Happy it was, i hope. Strong the Force is with this one.

Yeah, he likes hookers and fart jokes, but care not the Force does. OK, crabs, maybe that rules him out of jedi-ness, but nobody's perfect.

Fuckin' Force, all pious and shit. Who cares about crabs? He's a good guy.

Fuck all y'all, i think The Kane has the Force, and i hope you doubters choke. Yeah.


killy said...

Happy birthday kane! Steaks?

CarolinaDivina said...

happy birthday to the best guy ever!
Ben says hi! - oh yeah and krista is having another pizza party and wanted me to invite you
so there

colin said...

Sugar Kane!

nice one Todd.

Ryan said...

Those aren't crabs, they're midicrabians. Thanks for shout out, Todd. And yes, STEAK is most certainly on the menu soon, Mr. Chavez. You let me know when you can pencil in some steak time.

Thanks, y'all.

BTW, did Yoda always have those monster meat spikes on his fingers or were they digitally enhanced for this photo?

Amber Freda's said...

This was too funny, Todd!

Happy birthday, Ryan!!!!!

shane said...

Hey, happy birthday much belatedly!