Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moleskin Sketchbook X-change

I got invited to be a part of a moleskin x-change with 6 others. It was all organized through Flickr and is now up and running.
The first round of exchanges has happened and it is getting interesting.
If interested you can watch the progress here.

We should do this with the chair jockey crew. Anyone interested?
Could be a complete mixed media


CarolinaDivina said...

i am interested -
killy asked his 8 ball and it said
ask again later

colin said...

Carol... you and I could do one if no one else chimes in.
I like how the other one I am working on has a theme...Zombies.
You have any ideas of something to start with?

CarolinaDivina said...

this might not work but i would like to practice on robots
but if you have other ideas that would be cool

colin said...

Sounds like it would work great!
I am excited to see what you do with them.

So lets get a sketchbook each and start drawing then after a bit we will swap.

Sound good to you?

CarolinaDivina said...

ooh - sounds great!
What size sketchbook - i use a 5.25 X 8.25 pocket sketch book
lemme know - i'm excited and nervous...

colin said...
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colin said...

This will be so great.
I am going to use a 3.5 X 5.5 Japanese Fold-out.
When do you wanna start?...I say immediately.

pablo said...

me too!

colin said...

Are you in as well Paul?