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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Please, let me have some cupcakes...

Please, let me have some cupcakes...
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PaĆ³la dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I have to add the toes and the gloves first and then the thing is completely finished. I am so excited about it and am particularly proud of the whiskers I added. I accomplished the foot part by using some fluffy white house slippers I got at WalMart for 5.00 and sewing the legs onto them. I really wanted to make the buttonholes and everything at the front of the jumpsuit, but conceded to using velcro to close at the back. The buttons are there for show. I am also proud of the tail. I found the right fake fur at Joann's after they got a new fur shipment in. YESS!

Adolfo will be Astroboy for Halloween. I played with the idea of making him Moishe (Carol) from the movie, but he wasn't "thrilled" with the thought. He will be thrilled about Astroboy though. And I think the costume will be fairly easy to make and am excited about building the boots with foam and satin. Cannot WAIT!
Anyway, this is this.


  • That is super rad Carol!
    Good for you and your kids that you take the time to make their costumes. It seems to be a dying art.

    Chella got an invitation to a halloween party that was going to be held at a church....on the invite it said, "no blood or guts or other things that may be offensive."

    My first thought was the abundance of store bought costumes....that to me is offensive. Of all the times and places to support your child's concept of independent creativity, Halloween is the time and place.

    It is a much richer celebration with hordes of kids running around in Who-Knows-What kind of get ups. Where it is obvious that time and effort went into making the celebration something more then just another trip to the store for a ready made and disposable solution.

    The suit looks great Carol.
    Way to go MOM!!!!

    I really want to see how Astro Boy turns out.

    By Blogger colin, at 9:50 AM  

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