Monday, February 08, 2010


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The Niece turned four this weekend, and a good time was had by all. Her special cupcake, topped by a ridiculous amount of frosting in the shape of Dora the Explorer also contained 8 very small, very sharp toothpicks. No injury occurred but my sister freaked out, which is always fun.

On another note, Blogger is discontinuing FTP posting which puts this blog at a crossroad. We can continue to use the Blogger service with the same domain, or transfer everything do a different platform, such as WordPress. Any and all thoughts on this matter you wish to share will be appreciated.


Ryan said...

uhh... ice cream is tasty but it gives me gas.

colin said... much of your own money have you spent on keeping this service available to us all?

todd said...

I don't spend anything that i would not be spending anyway. There is a cost associated with my hosting plan, but i would keep that even if i were not hosting this site.

Thanks for asking, but nothing to be concerned about.

colin said...


On the technical side.
I believe that if we switch the blog to a forward processed protocol reflux system - that would enable a larger regional access port for all parties involved - thus eliminating the need for service reconsitution inquiries.

Ryan said...

Colin, it's not like your input isn't appreciated, but stick with fingerpaints and beard treatments, and let the adults deal with the technical issues. Even assuming the FPPRS can segregate Uniform Code Prompts without object keys, (as if...), we would still need to rout initial transfer inquiries through a "lemon breaker" service like Fastcat or JellyLicker (or UnicornPorn if you don't feel like paying for one). Otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of integrating local access ports onto a regional system.

This is exactly what it sounds like when people speak techie on here. Standing by with sparkplugs and a pot of coffee in case my services are required.

killy said...

In these situations, toggling the benthing ring works. Have you tried toggling the benthing ring?

Ryan said...

Pretty much every morning.

todd said...

har-har, it is to laugh.

Sounds like you all have deep and well-informed opinions on the matter, so, at the risk of further inflaming passions I shall make a command decision.

We're going with UnicornPorn.

colin said...

make it so