Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Hat.

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So, we were hiding. In the back seat. Behind a silver car-shade. Car-shade-hiding (and the subsequent loud whispering) is an occasionally effective strategy for the ride home after (for example) Uncle Todd has been made to sit through a cinema experience of the Shrek variety, and must endure being crammed between two car seats in the back seat of a Ford Explorer. The Niece decided that my hat could be seen, so it was subsequently discarded. And left behind when I went back to Austin.

Sometime after that she re-discovered it. Seen here is my adorable niece holding my (probably funky) hat hostage. A picture of the boy wearing the aforementioned head-gear is doubtlessly in the offing.


killy said...

You should probably warn her that if she wears that hat, he hair will turn red.

taggart said...

Without your thinking cap I am sure you are without puns.

Ryan said...

Ooh. You shouldn't have done that, Taggart.

todd said...

Oddly enough, Taggart is right. My backup cap is surprisingly punless.

Killy: ever since i told your boy that he was disappearing because he was not eating some wholesome foodstuffs and he freaked out i have been too ashamed to (truly) take advantage of the gullibility of children.

CarolinaDivina said...

todd, it worked and it still works, use your mind the way it was meant to be used and don't be ashamed about it
love you and your wordles