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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Interesting few weeks

So my sister and my sister-in-law are both pregnant - M checked into the hospital shortly after new year's because she started having contractions 5 weeks too soon, baby was half baked - docs drugged her up real good and sent her home to rest - enter Carolina - i've been going to her house and spending the night to help her keep her house in order, to ensure she eats well and to help with the kids - yeah, dad is there, but there is only so much a working man can do - so i'm happy that i am able to help her out...
L checked out of work for maternity leave only to find herself waiting around the clean house, sighing and bored out of her brain because bb is not ready to come out - enter Carolina - she travels to my part of the world often enough to keep her mind in bright pink colors and i do the same for her
I don't have a job but I find myself overwhelmed at this time...i'd established a nice little routine for my little mama girl and was able to dedicate a full hour (broken into bits) to give "lessons" in preparation for real school that's coming up - and now i find my house is not as orderly as i'd like it to be and my garden hasn't gotten started...
can't wait for both babies to be in this world so that I can get back to my regularly scheduled program...
i was almost going to be a nanny
it didn't work out though - it seems the gramma that was involved got jealous and then demanded money from the daughter arguing, if you're going to pay a stranger to do this, then pay me...
on the other hand
i am diving headlong into sustainable food shopping and meal planning
it's my thing
it's quite a challenge - but it's a good one that i am excited about for my kiddoes
what's up with you?


  • wonderful to hear what you're up to Carol.
    Laura and Chella went up to Canada yesterday to see Hannah. I stayed home to walk the dog and feed the cat.
    Since we are still new here we don't have all the social connections to take care of these things.

    All is fairly quiet...the new house is slowly becoming "our" house....both of the cars are constantly in and out of the shop
    so money is flying out of my pocket.

    I am finally eating well again now that Laura is in charge of the cooking again - the month I was out here on my own was fairly bland on the food front.
    Everyone is busy and seem to be happy - got a letter from the Kane the other day which was a nice surprise.

    Miss you guys.

    By Blogger colin, at 2:47 PM  

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