Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wiring Harness Mess

Trying to learn how to rewire my motorcycle - I am going in blind even with the books to back me up.


Ryan said...

That looks daunting. Why are you rewiring, anyway? Is there a gremlin in there?

colin said...

I hooked up my new battery and several of my wires started burning, with actual flames. I believe that the metal in the wires were exposed and this was the cause of the fire...not sure though.

I wasn't sure the extent of the damage inside the taped up spinal cord of wires - so I found a used wiring harness on Ebay for $25.

My plan was to just reconnect all points - complicated but not impossible if I am patient. Once I started I realized that I am not sure if the purchased harness works or not.

At this point though - It may be easier to open up the existing harness - chase the obvious damaged wires and use the ones from the purchased harness to replace them.

I still don't know if some of the hardware was damaged or not.

I wanted to learn about motorcycles - so here I am.

Ryan said...

Hats off, Flynn. Wiring harnesses always scared me... whimper.

Seriously, good luck!