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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wife, Extraordinaire

Carolina Divina by killy
Carolina Divina, a photo by killy on Flickr.

Today i found out that a co-worker of mine lost his wife to an accident on Friday. He is left with two young daughters. It broke my heart to hear the news, but immediately all i could think about was Carol and how, without her, i would probably fall apart.

Back in the studio again today. I quickly discovered that I had left all my flashes on the last time i was in there so all my batteries were dead. Luckily, I had just charged a second set so - yay me.

Shot Carol with a lot of underused equipment: 80-200mm @ 2.8 handheld, hence the incredible softness of this image; my large diffused beauty dish; and a mostly broken Vivitar bounced off the garage door.


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