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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paola - growing up

Needville Harvestfest 2011 by killy
Needville Harvestfest 2011, a photo by killy on Flickr.

One of the cool things about having two kids that can talk to one another is that, every now and then, they fall (maybe stumble is a better word) into a real honest-to-god conversation. One our way to Needville this weekend and question emerged from the back seat from a game of angrybird vs. bunnybun: "Can God die and then come back to life?"

Adolfo took charge: Well, I heard about this when I was a baby, but i'm really not too sure about it. I mean, he WAS nailed to his own cross, so ....

So the question was posed to the adults in the front seat.

Daddy: Well, as Catholics, yes, we believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

Momma: That's what we celebrate on Easter.

Adolfo processes and then turns back to Paola to translate:

Adolfo: Okay, so on Easter, it's like God gets a 1-up.

Paola accepts this answer wholeheartedly and the game of bunnybun vs. angrybird continues in the backseat.


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