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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Mini Summer Vacation - Port Aransas

Vacation, as I once understood the word, no longer exists for me. I understood that vacation came with the idea of an escape from one's normal routine where you might find peace of mind. So no, i did not go on vacation this weekend. Instead i drove 3 hours south and my life followed.

That isn't to say it wasn't fun, it just wasn't restful. And fun isn't a good word to use either, really. I mean, fun is a temporal word. Things can be fun one moment and then unbelievably shitty the next. Take, for instance, Adolfo IV who in the picture above was having an unbelievably fun moment. Just a few minutes later he would have man-o-war tenticles sucked to his leg. It was not a fun moment for anyone.

The cloud of the jellyfish attack would hang over the rest of our time in Port Aransas: the boat tour and pirate attack; the plate of fried shrimp and hushpuppies, souvenier shopping.

The next day, however, it was very nearly a distant memory. Two souvenier hermit crabs and a cool car ride home would be the final high note to our life away from home.


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