Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I Know

Detective by killy
Detective, a photo by killy on Flickr.
So ... is anyone out there? Is everyone alive? Here is a list of the people who are attached to this blog and what i know about them:

Taggart: Living in South Houston as a photographer with his lovely wife, Liz and two girls Carmen and Ruby. He is not aging well.

Adolph: Lives two blocks away from Taggart with his lovely wife Amber and two children Fraser and Genevieve. JD Salinger was more social than he is.

Todd: Living in Austin. He texts me back every now and then, so i know he's alive.

Colin: He and his entire family (Laura, Chela and Hannah Pearl) were briefly lost in his beard. They have since been found. Laura continues to paint; Hannah is probably swimming in scholarship money and Chela is a mystery.

Ryan: He's buying a mutha fucking house, ya'll! Party time.

Shane: He lives in Germany with his wife and child and thinks deep Frankenstein thoughts. Looks exactly the same.

Carolina: Lives with her three children in Northwest Houston. Is awesome.

Pablo: lives somewhere on the East Coast and sits at a computer most of the time. Travels without telling anyone. Sees family on holidays. Posts comments to blogs and photos using only one word most of the time.

Claire: Mom to adopted baby girl and wife to beer brewmaster. Still obsessed with vacuuming. Waiting for a train photo for her living room.

John: living in Austin. As far as i know, never ever sees Todd, so he's just like everyone else in Austin in that way. Otherwise, FABULOUS. Recently appeared on tv on a show about haunted houses - specifically Jennifer(Kabay)'s home. Conclusion: looks good on camera.

Amber Freda: Lives on Long Island with illustrator Anthony Freda and their son, Antonio. Their home is BEAUTIFUL. My gosh.


pablo said...

Hi Killy,

I like this post.

I live in Washington D.C. ; been here for since 2009;

It is tue that I sit a computer most of the time.

When I used to do a lot of writing I had a hard time writing more than a paragraph; now I can barely write more one word. Soon I suppose all I will have left is punctuation marks. So it goes.

Hope everyone is well!

CarolinaDivina said...

You do know what I'm thinking, don't you.
I'm glad that at least one of my children knows how to dress himself. Adolfo is a spiffy dresser, that's for sure.

shane said...

Hey, I also like this post. Thanks for the updates. As for myself, I can confirm that I still live in Germany with my wife and son. I usually think about things other than Frankenstein these days, but did just give a talk on the monster's image in modern visual culture. Mostly, though, I worry about how I'll continue making a living when my post-doc runs out in a few months. Will keep you posted. Hope everyone's well!

Killy said...

Shane: after all these years, you still refer to him as a 'monster'?

shane said...

Haha, it's definitely a term of endearment. Like Lady Gaga refers to her fans... Speaking of which, I gave a non-Frankenstein talk about Gaga last year. There's a video if you're interested: