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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

i almost forgot: this weekend was soooo cool! i had a real blast. i felt almost 'normal' for a bit. it was too bad that tag thinks his wife is more important than gaming and dave thinks having an affair with mr. green is a top priority; but todd, ryan and i had a blast until the power in the office blew up. it was extra-super-scary too considering how much of mr. green we had taken in. the "oh-shit" factor was off the charts!

i reall can't remember exactly what we played, but i do remember that paul's computer isn't very ghost recon friendly. and here i thought that playing on paul's ultra fast super computer was going to really speed things up. well, so much for that...

the breakfast the next morning (afternoon) hit the spot: a monster breakfast burrito with xtra cheese and salsa. oh man, i could eat one of those things every weekend for breakfast and NEVER get tired of 'em.

i did manage to get in a co-op mission game in with dave at carl's place. that was fun; although, i wish i could have stayed longer. i abandoned them to visit holly before i headed back to houston.

holly is as busy/frustrated/awesome as she's ever been. she's flying all over the place with tosca these days, living out of cool hotels and partying when she's not assisting.

got back into houston around 10:30 or so. took my time coming back home. i imagined what it would be like to live around everyone again. i really miss having everyone around.


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