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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

dude! i love it! imovie is the coolest thing ever. i'll have to post the baby movie tomorrow. i'll upload it over night. so where's adolph's 'flash widget of the evening' anyway? i'm the only one who can't see it?

for todd:

something is definately wrong with my light meter. the ambient metering seems to work great, but the flash meter is totally kaput. all the photos we took came out super underexposed. i guess i should have guessed something was up when you said, "wow, really? that's a strong little flash you got..." (not to mention the fact that had it not been for my using a digital camera on my last commercial shoot everything i would have shot would have been 3,4 or 5 stops underexposed----God bless digi cameras!) it said f/22 but all the exposures (and i did bracket) were at least 3 stops underexposed. at most the flash was spitting out f/8. in that case, i shouldn't have been using nikon anyway cause i could only have sync'd at 1/125. i should have loaded up the bronica, shot it at 1/500 at f/8. even that would have been pushing it. maybe i could have pulled the film a stop (iso 25 - proper exposure for astia is iso 80) and then processed it regular? it's a good thing i have 27 rolls just lying around!

although, the pics of the baby out front came out kinda nice....i was looking for a different quality than what i got...perhaps i should have had the film push- processed a little for some contrast.

for adolph:

thanks for bringing over the burner last night. i'll try to get all the burning i need done before the weekend arrives.


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