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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 24, 2003

´┐ŻArt Director's Toolkit is the Bomb!

I love products have features you always thought would be cool, but never thought you'd see. Art Director's Toolkit is a mysterious little application that came with my PowerBook. The PowerBooks don't come with a lot of built in stuff, like the iBooks with Appleworks, lots of MP3's, etc. But they do come with a licence for Graphic Converter (I already had bought one) and Art Director's Toolkit. It is an app that you'd never think to need as an app (I used to look all this stuff up at various websites or do calculations by hand.

But today I run into the ruler function. It is a little floating translucent ruler that can shift from width to height and display different units of measure (inches, CM, pixels, points, picas), and you can stretch it or shrink it. Very cool.


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