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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

I'd say it's about tem thirty. If I care to saunter over to the clock on my monitor. I have been out on the town for a total of one hour and a half. With my wife and youngest child. We heard sound poetry. Some was as you would imagine. Went to see an old neighbor that was watching our older daughter, Hannah, had some drinks, had some more(me not hannah), and now as night descends on my energy level, all is warm with the romantic filter of booze. I profess love to all sorts of things within a proximity to be close enough to be a part of all of this. As my head crashes into the pillow in my mind. I say adieu. Big boobs and panty lines. drawing and a twelve pack of something cheap. shit and piss and my homies with a tight grip on a handshake. mutha fuck.

love colin.


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