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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, March 31, 2003

lemonfreshrecon: this one battle todd and i played was awsome!
lemonfreshrecon: i was pinned down by hostile forces. it was cool. bullets all around! i kilt like 12 bad guys!
killythemac: and then...todd saved the day?
lemonfreshrecon: i kept calling for todd to come and help me, but he was lost on the map. as usual. so i died.
killythemac: man, poor todd...he just has no sense of direction...
lemonfreshrecon: eyp
killythemac: i wonder how often he gets lost in his apt...
lemonfreshrecon: yep
lemonfreshrecon: ha
lemonfreshrecon: i'm glad he has diana
killythemac: not for long. what happens when diana takes off?! paul has a two story house!
killythemac: todd's going to get lost on the second floor. just not show up for work for a week.
lemonfreshrecon: maybe we should have gotten him a GPS system for his birthday.


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