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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Hey Hey!!! Girl here...actually, I think you guys are funny,( except when you go into all that computer stuff) and I read this occasionally. So I clicked on the "offend" link...AT WORK...and didn't give myself, or Baylor IT, the chance to be offended. You need to warn us! Well, my last day is next Friday anyway WOOHOO! No work for a month. Is anyone up for a barbecue in our new back yard on May 7 for Diana's going away party? Todd: is this a good weekend? I really want to do something, but I should really ask yu guys first. Speaking of getting Amber in on this, what about Diana? That way we could hear from her in Portland. Cool.
Everyone: how do you paste little pictures on the blog? And how do you create links?


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