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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

hey paul, when ya getting back?

we cannot offer you a proper job, but i SURE could use some help with a flash project.
it would pay (a little) and everything. not to mention the satisfaction of assisting your slow friends.

more fun with iMovie.

killy, congratulations. beautiful images. did you ever see the tricycle image colin made with his views on success? i wonder if he can find it....

tag, this is NOT an adult blog. if you can't keep it clean i'm gonna have to ask you to leave. read this in a serious, chastising voice, then hang your head and feeel bad.
now that that's out of the way, did you free hand it or use the stitch assist mode?

that's pretty cool adolph. about the redhead; was it the one with tight curly hair?


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