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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

i spent the majority of my day at the studio today. i was anxious most of the morning cause i knew i was going. i didnt' know what i was going to do. the new lights were in. i had 'everything'. now i was supposed to be able to work magic, right? well, we'll see. here is the booty from today.

i've still got a lot to work out, and all of these were just punched out pretty quickly. i shot them all on the d1 from work. i want to put some stuff on true film. it is days like today that i wish i had more friends around. i didn't post the pictures i made of a ladder that i had in the studio (actually, it's adolph's old ladder) cause i thought that it was pretty pathetic that i didn't have anyone around to photograph.


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