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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I already sent an invitation to Dan to join the blog. Perhaps his work email filtered it out as spam or something, that's the only thing i can imagine. I'll try to send it to him again.

ART: pay-palling 15 bucks? are you sure that's how you want to spend your raise? shouldn't you be saving up for a new powerbook, one without 'beer' stains on it? besides, isn't it dangerous to leave an electronic trail of yourself picking up a 'bootlegged' copy of un-finished radiohead tunes?

everyone else: happy to hear that everyone is heading this way this weekend for the "meagan e. jones reunion bash"... even ryan is going to make his way into town for the baseball game on sunday afternoon. does anyone think that some gaming should happen at some point? meagan isn't coming into town till 7 pm on saturday evening. should we try and get a game or two in on friday evening? it just so happens that my sister has a PS2 that i'm sure she won't mind letting her brother borrow. dave can simply bring his games or we can rent a few. maybe dave can bring his controllers too so we can play a 'foursome'! are there any good shoot em up games that would allow us to play that many players?

dave? are you coming along with todd?


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