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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

i need more context adolph. did this pen incident happen during a meeting, at lunch, while driving, or when you were out partying with strippers? although, except for the driving scenario, i would probably jump up, run screaming out of the room to a location suitable for un/retucking of one's shirt, remove the item, return to the room/restaurant/bowling alley and sheepishly explain that i thought it was a roach. mostly because everyone is afraid of roaches but only real dorks drop pens down their shirts.

btw, i saw my mom do that at a restaurant once. but it really was a roach.

sunday Sunday SUNDAY! just to keep things interesting diana has told her father that we would visit a final time before leaving for OR. so, on saturday, we are driving to conroe for lunch and pleasant conversation w/padre. we will be in austin sunday and ready to get our grub on. i don't suppose killy can fit two imacs in his car, eh? i have been honing my GR skills.....


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