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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I think I got the email out to you; I was kind of having problems with my yahoo account recently because a relative of mine kept sending 2 megabyte attachments, which, of course, clobbered my inbox and paralyzed my mail service....

if you dont get any maily maily ask adolph for the passwordy stuff cause I am pretty sure i sent him the info...


I am in Strasbourg right now; as the name suggests this is a franco-german type of french city; it is totally different from Marseilles; not only in terms of how much beer you get for 2 euros, but also in the availability of brautwurst and brautwurst related products that are available;
the people here mostly speak german, which is kind of creepy for me because I have seen too many world 2 movies and stuff;

also , it is more fun to light brown here than in the south of France; I was only in town this morning for a half an hour before I was stopped by some french police officers asking for identification...

I have also been talking with the colin: We are hoping that we can get a bbq thing on in San Marcos while he is here....wouldnt it be great to hacky sack, drink beer, eat some kind of red meat and swim a little?


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