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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, May 19, 2003

so this morning i woke up with such a full head of mucus that i couldn't get out of the bed. it was incapacitating. so i called in and stayed home. i just got back from kroger where i bought a box of over-the-counter claritin. i guess if it works (i just took it with a glass of water) i have allergies that i never knew i had. bummer....

but on a lighter note...taggart was right! carol and i managed to squeeze in a second viewing of the matrix yesterday afternoon, and it was totally super cool. we made it to the 2:30 showing and got back home around 5. the theater was, expectedly, packed.

adolph: so, did that/those disk(s) work for you? were you able to work on your dad's box?


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