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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

imovie update

for those of you who use imovie (namely, todd) it would be worth your while to install the 3.0.3 update that is now available. also recommended is the quicktime 6.3 updater, that somehow works with imovie to make it the fun program it's supposed to be.

i had given up on even launching imovie on my imac, but once the updates were applied and permissions repaired (another possible variable) it runs just fine. before it was jumpy and just plain un-usable. now, even when it tries to access my gigantic iphoto library and over 10 gig music library, it hardly burps. nice.

todd: if you happen to update, let me know if there were any performance improvements on your end. i would be interested to know.


carol is back. my incredible three day adventure weekend is over, with only minor cuts and bruises. i'll post more about it later. i may even have a small movie to post.


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