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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 02, 2003

there are actually a whole lot of pics that i've taken that haven't quite made it printed, hung, or posted. for shame, really.

i feel good today. i'm not sure why, but i can prolly come up with a few reasons:
a. i had a coca cola icee yesterday.
b. i put the baby to sleep last night. not carol.
c. powerbook prices have been slashed. $1500 for 12" combo w/ education discount.
d. i took pictures of the baby yesterday.

so does this mean that everyone is going to snatch up a powerbook, even if adolph insists we should wait till the 970's come out this fall? i wonder how long we'd have to wait for the 970's to be affordable?

todd: are you going to make it to adolph's big party on thursday? you should come in for the weekend. you should call in (from your bedroom) sick. and then leave for the weekend. speaking of being so close to work: are you in your underwear todd?


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