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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Hey Colin, I think my whole moving picture kick comes from (a.) Killy's Misys project, and (b.) an article in O'Reilly Network. Since I recently got a bonus from work, I made a hasty decision to pick up one the neato webcam from Apple, the iSight. There are other firewire webcams and there are lesser USB webcams, but the iSight hits a sweet spot. Basically, I'm interested in dabbling with motion media, but I'm not interested in getting a DV camcorder. The iSight is cool because everything you shoot goes directly to your hard drive. No tape BS, no transferring, very simple stuff. As I looked around at applications that use the isight, iStopMotion was a standout and I can't wait to make my Legos move around more.


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