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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

long blogs make up for few blogs

It's so wierd to see Adolph office-izing...it really reminds me of my old office job, except Adolph's job is cooler, and he likes it! Adolph is such a stylin' office dresser I might add! Well, I REALLY can't wait to hear some Diana stories about PA school, but you'll just have to hear nursing school stories until then. Well, carolina, my pt. this week had mastitis....an infected breast....from breast feeding a 10lb baby! So that means baby planning for me has been postponed until next lifetime! I have tons more to tell, but I really don't think they're appropriate for the blog. I decided that just going to school and being a lazy student isn't enough for me, so I applied to a frivolous job at Banana Republic. 60% discount, that's better than health benefits! If that doesn't work out, I'm going for the Central Market gig, that would be so cool to work with Madeline-does she still work there?
Taggart and I are going to the Bahamas next week...I am pretty clueless about the whole trip because Taggart's mother gave it to us. I think of it as an adventure. Good luck with the job hunting Paul...I'd love it if you and Eleo lived in Austin. Please tell her I said hi.
Amber in NYC-loved your blog about wavelenths and frequencies and stuff...once you become aware of such patterns, it's overwhelming how they apply to everything everywhere, in every situation. The whole yin/yang...everything trying to come into balance. i love it. I'd love to read your paper when you complete it!


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