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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

what's cool is having a dr. run into your office with wide eyes saying, "...can you bail me out?"

it didnt' work out anyway. he had a whole slew of dicom images on two cds that he couldn't view without the 'dicom' plug-in. i've got it, but only in photoshop. so i pop in the cd thinking i might be able to view the images in the file browser within photoshop (will the dicom plug-in work within the viewer?). well, it didn't work out. i had to actually 'open' each image.

whoever made this disk was a wack job. there was no dicom viewer included in the disk (as there often is with these inter-institutional disks - it came from cleveland clinic) and no labeling on any of the images. no dates. no info on pre/post contrast. nothing. so dr.'s L & K left my office discussing what a hassle it was to have to get the films fed-ex'ed to them.


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