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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, July 07, 2003

i think the overall plan (for us, anyway) is to head up to san marcos really early saturday morning for a breakfast burrito and coffee over at cafe. apparently, colin is going to show up pretty early too so they can secure a spot at the river.

then, we play and have fun at the river (are there outlets out there? or should we all power up our powerbooks?

carol, kilito and i are coming back on saturday evening cause i have to move stuff into my mother's house on sunday. plus, my sister is having a housewarming party on the same day. i'm going to have a pretty full weekend. sorry i won't be able to stay all weekend.


i think the walls can be taken out, unless you want to put up some errant walls around the camps of each player. from a game i tested, once you 'get' the walls, they are your for the entire game. seems a little unfair. also, all the wild horses were 'player 1's. i thought this was weird. another obvious thing that was overlooked was that this isn't a 'king of the hill' game at all anyway. it's a conquest game. the monument was player one's again..... i looked for a way to change the victory condition to 'king of the hill type' but i couldn't find anything. i suspect i may be able to do something in the 'triggers' menu, but i don't even know where to begin. i haven't been able to find anything out on google either. any suggestions?


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